Are you planning a conference, business meal or presentation? And are you expecting international guests to be present at these events? To ensure that your event is a success, Fix interpreters are available to overcome all language barriers:

There are the following different interpreting techniques to choose from:

Conference Interpreting is simultaneous

If attendees of different nationalities are following one speaker, interpreters convey what has been said into the target language of choice from booths. Simultaneous interpreters are in great demand for large events (e.g. congresses, conferences). And also where more than two languages are being used. The interpreter interprets individual sentences or short passages virtually simultaneously. A booth is shared by two or three interpreters per language.
Negotiation interpreting is consecutive
If the attendees speak different languages, the interpreter relays the dialogue between those involved in the discussion, once the speaker has finished what he/she was saying. It could be the case that there are two or more participants involved. The interpreter interprets individual sentences or short passages. This type of interpreting is most commonly used for business negotiations or before court to ensure that important information is not overlooked.

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