Technical editorial

In today’s modern world operating instructions have become an integral part of a given product so that an error in the instructions is considered to be a product fault. For this reason more and more companies are having their foreign language documentation drawn up and administered by technical editors for safe legal operation at an international level.

Technical editors function as mediators between experts and lay persons. They have to produce user-friendly operating instructions and complete manuals in the required language from all the supplied material such as drawings, graphs and texts. And they have to fulfil the most discerning quality demands regarding, content, accuracy, layout and customer requirements. Consequently continuous texts are being increasingly replaced by modules that can be managed by their content for combination in any manner to fulfil the specific requirements of a diversity of media. This calls for a high measure of flexibility on the part of the technical editor.

For this purpose Fix International Services co-operates extensively with competent, future-orientated technical editors who, at your request, will compile a package that is adapted to your specific needs.

Technical editorial service
Standards-conformant, error-free and above all multi-language documentation at a global level is an important prerequisite business success. Apart from technical correctness, this requires constant updating.

Our experienced and competent technical editors will keep your documentation right up to date, suggest improvements where required and happily give you extensive advice on problems relating to specific topics.

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