technology1Strengthen your position through precision

The technical side of the language services offered by Fix International has proven to be of the highest calibre in the eyes of customers with technical-based assignments. Strengthen your position in the global competition, gain legal security and convey the significance and function of your products and services with linguistic precision.

A global network of experts has been established since the founding of Fix in 1946 and has been continuously developed, making the Hamburg based company a leading North German language service provider.
Extract from our specialist fields:

  • plant engineering
  • audio /video
  • automotive
  • operating systems
  • biogas plants
  • braking systems
  • consumer electronics
  • data transmission
  • electrical engineering
  • vehicle technology
  • photo and camera technology
  • games /gaming industry
  • intranet solutions
  • climate engineering
  • communications technology
  • aerospace industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • instrumentation
  • network solutions
  • photovoltaics

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